Is it my circus, and they are my monkeys!

This has been quite the busy week or so.  The circus came to town so to speak.  A friend has been in Portland while her boyfriend has been in the hospital with a flesh eating virus.  He has had 6 surgeries already.  His mom came to town via the train and she and my friend have been living in her van in the hospital parking lot.  They were in town this week for van repairs and clearly I had them here.  Another friend of my partner showed up looking for a ride to Rainbow, and he stayed the week.  Then a van with 2 dudes I know and three I didn’t.  One of them left, and on the last day they were here, one more arrived.  Then a school bus showed up with 4 friends and the following morning I picked up a guy at the shamehound station.  Most of those people left the same day.  Some did laundry, some took showers, all smoked weed.  Ha!  So, some helped clean up and some made more messes, either way I think if I spend the rest of the summer cleaning it still won’t be clean around here.  Either way, some interesting stories were share.  We tried to start a Rainbow Rumor that the gathering would be in Washington.  There was the story of the guy at work 9000 ft. in the air wearing a wookie costume, and that wasn’t even the point of the story. There were definitely some laughs.  Everyone was kind and courteous and respectful.

This week I also discovered the greatest thing ever!  Online grocery ordering from Fred Meyer.  OMG I hate grocery shopping.  I have such anxiety about grocery shopping.  Anyway, I picked out what I wanted online and set the pick up time and then the next day I drove to the store, they came out to my car, loaded the groceries and I drove away.  Holy crap that was the greatest thing ever.  It is free the first 3 times you use it and then like 5 bucks after that.  Seriously, saved me from a major freak-out.

Went to a dispensary today… can’t think anymore.  Time for ice cream.


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