Kill Your Local Heroin Dealer.

The world is harsh place and not everyone can handle the reality of it.  Some people excuse themselves early.  Today I mourn the lives of two friends that lost their battle with addiction and mental illness.  Both friends suffered from metal illness and never seemed to be at peace.   One friend I knew much better than the other and I’m at some point going to tell his story so it won’t be lost.  Today I just ponder this:  what gives one human the right to judge another human for their addiction when said human has many addictions of his/her own? What makes one substance better or worse than another?  What can we do to help our fellow humans detox from deadly drugs if they want to quit?  How can we better understand what drives them to this killer of a substance?  How can we help our friends get the help they need?  How do we respond to a friend in crisis?  How to deal with the feeling of I know I could have done more? How do we help friends with mental illness when we have our own that we don’t know how to deal with?  Why are people really bad at taking their own advice?

I just don’t even.  I can’t even.  I am tired of losing friends, but I can’t figure out why I’m still here.  Life is harsh.  Fuck it Dude, let’s go bowling.

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What is Thought Vomit?

Thought vomit is just what it sounds like.  I have lots to say and no one to say it to, so I will save it up and put it here.  I collect stories from people that pass through my life.  One day I will use all of this to write a book.

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